Monday, October 7, 2013

The winner of TripAdvisors 'Travelers Choice Destinations 2010'!!
The winner of TripAdvisors 'Travelers Choice Destinations 2010'!!
The Dominican Republic is the top Caribbean destination for vacationers from the USA and Canada. The coast line is lined with palms and is home to the largest concentration of hotel rooms worldwide. Punta Cana has been the winner of TripAdvisors 'Travelers Choice Destinations 2010' and is considered one of the worlds best beaches. A lot of hotel chains possess a luxury hotel along the fifty kilometers of pristine beach. Many of the hotels are brand-new and offer all the features you can think of: health spas, numerous pools, high end bistros and great evening entertainment.

All of it began on December 5, 1492. On that day Christopher Columbus arrive at the island of Hispaniola. Hispaniola was home to the Taino Indians. These natives resided in small family groups and were peaceful and friendly. When Columbus arrived on the island there were around 400.000 Indians. Columbus was shocked of the sophisticated level of organization of the Tainos, who had been organized in 5 larger tribes. Nonetheless most of the Tainos died quickly after the arrival of the Spanish due to the strange conditions brought from Europe.

This is the vacation spot which has a specific history. Check out this kind of gorgeous tropical isle close to the USA, it assures a fantastic vacation. And before going, learn about this tropical island in the many vacation articles that are available online!

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