Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do I Need An Energy Certificate?
Do I Need An Energy Certificate?
Existing United Kingdom regulations states that all properties that are offered for sale, constructed, or leased, will require an EPC.

This certification offers energy effectiveness scores and makes suggestions for enhancement. The scores resemble those discovered on electrical appliances such as televisions and ovens. The certification publishes the score of your residential property in a basic format, so that the energy effectiveness of one property can quickly be compared to an additional property of a comparable kind. This will make it possible for potential buyers to review the approximate yearly energy expenses as part of their financial investment or business choice to purchase or lease a certain building.

Where do I discover an energy performance assessor?

It is advised that you make use of the Energy Performance Certificate Register website to look for a recognised domestic EPC assessor in your local area. This website is run by Landmark, on behalf of the government.

How long is my Energy Certificate valid for?

Energy Performance Certificates will remain valid for 10 years.

Exactly what does an Energy Performance Certificate cost?

The existing typical rate is around sixty pounds and is the duty of the property owner or landlord to fund.

As a purchaser, exactly what takes place if I am not offered an Energy Certificate?

As this is a legal obligation, your conveyancer will ask for a copy of the Energy Certificate as part of the conveyancing procedure.

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