Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Use All-natural Progesterone Cream

How to Use All-natural Progesterone Cream
To understand how to use natural progesterone cream we need to first understand what it is and how it works once utilized and absorbed into the body of the consumer.
What is Progesterone?

Heres myth busting facts about what progesterone is and is not.
Progesterone belongs to one of the five known groups of steroid hormone. The title stands for progestational steroidal ketone due to its role in gestation, which often is why it has been considered as hormone of pregnancy when in fact it is produced even when pregnancy is not current.

It is not truly correct to say progesterone is a female hormone because it does not actually play role in development of characteristics and the hormone is also current in males. Rather after progesterone is synthesized within the body it is further converted into other hormones like androstenedione which is precursor of testosterone, estrone and estradiol both present in men and women.
What is Natural Progesterone and How is it Produced?

In humans progesterone is produced in the ovaries, the adrenal glands, and the placenta produces a great amount of it during pregnancy. It is also stored in adipose (fat) tissue. So what is natural progesterone and what is it made from? Progesterone can be converted from steroids found in a number of plant species. Laboratory synthesis of progesterone from vegetation is possible and this is the natural progesterone you see for sale. The natural progesterone that is obtained from the plant material is bioidentical to the progesterone molecule that is produced by the human body. The molecular structure is exactly the same and when utilized the body uses it exactly as it would use progesterone produced by by itself. There are no traces of the original plant material remaing just the bioidentical progeterone molecule. When buying any make of natural progesterone ensure that it is USP (United States Pharmacoepia) grade as this ensures quality and means you are getting the best natural progesterone.

Since it is bioidentical the synthesised natural progesterone causes no reactions within the body that could result in aspect effects. Also by using it in cream form it is absorbed through the skin into the blood and is then transported around the body for use. This is the best way to get progesterone as tablets for example are filtered out by the liver before they have chance to do anything.

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