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Top eCommerce Solutions in 2012
Top eCommerce Solutions in 2012

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Top eCommerce Solutions in 2012

With the advent of the Internet, more and more companies are creating websites, and online presences via social networking, to reach a wider audience and provide convenient shopping methods and information gathering for consumers. eCommerce is simply electronic commerce where a customer buys or sells products online using the Internet. Any company that wants to become serious and gain more revenue and expand their business, must expand online and offer eCommerce solutions or be left in the dust by those companies that do offer online services and products. eCommerce solutions can be very helpful for both parties, it makes searching for products and services very easy for customers, and makes bookkeeping and keeping inventory of items very easy.

Choosing the right eCommerce solution can be relatively difficult. There are many different companies selling commercialized and licensed eCommerce solutions, but there are open source and free options available. There are a lot of features to look for, including compatibility with other systems, included shopping carts, Content Management System (CMS) support, and more.

Compatibility with other systems is important because it signifies good coding practices by the team that created the platform, and it will make it easier to migrate to a different platform, in case it is decided a different platform would work better. Importing data is important so that manual input of inventories and payroll and prices is not necessary, and most eCommerce solutions should include this. Included shopping carts are essential, it is one less thing to worry about, and will integrate nicely with the existing platform. Obviously, the store should be customized and tailored to the business, so a good eCommerce solution should have tools to build and customize the website.

There are many solutions with all these great features, but each one is unique in its stylizing, interface, and overall performance. Izzonet is one of the most popular and well known solutions, mainly due to its ease of use. It is an all in one solution that does not require a hosting plan or domain name, everything will be set up for the customer at the time of purchasing the service, and mostly everything will be managed by the provider. There are different price levels for the service, and each one offers better features, more space for multimedia, SEO reports, and so much more. The most popular open source solutions include Magento, as well as some simple, but down to earth, Wordpress conversion plugins. Magento has a large community backing and is used by quite a few corporations and individuals. There are over one hundred thousand merchants using the platform, and loving it. Because of its open source nature, it is completely free, and all that is needed is a domain name and hosting plan. Plugins and themes may be downloaded, created, or purchased to extend the customization of the website and to personalize the website.

While those are not the only options, they are, for most, the best and most inexpensive options, and should satisfy the needs of any individual or small business owner looking to have an online presence and begin selling products and services online.

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