Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fat Loss Factor pdf review and bonus
Fat Loss Factor pdf review and bonus
The Fat Loss Factor Plan, developed by Dr. Michael Allen, promotes weight loss, health and fitness. Dr. Allen, a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician, developed this weight loss system during years of successfully helping many clients lose weight in his clinic. He developed his Fat Loss Factor Plan which is now available for down load in PDF form. The following is a review of the program.

The Fat Loss Fitness Plan is different then most diet programs in that it involves an initial detoxification of the liver. This cleansing reves up the metabolic process removes the stress of those toxins. The success of the diet depends on liver cleansing, as a healthy liver is key to a metabolism that uses food energy, instead of storing it away as fat. When the liver is stressed, the body stores fat. This fat will be really hard to lose. The livers cleanse paves the way for that weight loss.

The next thing involves eating metabolism boosting foods, such as protein, complex carbohydrate and the right forms of fiber. This short phase of the plan is necessary to reset the body`s metabolism to enhance the cleansing of the liver.

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