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Twin Kayaking and Adventuring
Twin Kayaking and Adventuring
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Kayaking is an adventure sport that accommodates the most daring of thrill seekers. For a thrilling, fun-filled water sport, there is nothing like using a kayak. A kayak can hold a fair number of people and supplies, despite it being small and narrow vessel.

The hard cage of the kayak is covered with cloth or plastic material with one or two openings for the paddlers. A typical kayak is designed for one person, but the tandem kayak is a more versatile version that can hold two people. Families do best with a tandem kayak because of the stability and maneuverability capabilities..

For a ride you'll never forget, it's best to do some research before tandem kayaking.

- How many riders will be on the kayak

- Consider the size, weight and fitness level factors of the people riding in the kayak.

- The type of kayaking you decide to embark on is a consideration.

- Finally, the money set aside for kayaking.

When you are going tandem kayaking there are certain guidelines that you need to follow.:

1. It is safest for a heavier person to sit near the rear of the kayak, as it increases kayak performance.

2. When kayaking through heavy cross winds, you must do the opposite. In heavy winds, move a heavier person to the front for a more stable ride.

3. The captain seat of the kayak is closest to the rear of the boat. It is important than an inexperienced rider avoids this seat.

4. If kayaking through calm waters, an inexperienced rider can sit in the captain seat, in order to gain experience.

One of the advantages to a kayak is that if one of the paddlers gets tired or injured the other person can take over the paddling and get them back to the base.

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